Baby, Feel that Rhythm….

During the exhausted, bleary-eyed days of early parenthood, the thought of signing you baby up for a class may be the last thing on your mind.  But did you know that there is one such class that will really help with your baby’s development and language acquisition from the time they are born?  Rhythm Time, a nationwide provider of music classes from birth to five years is one such class.  Dr Julia Casperd who runs classes in Chester, Shrewsbury and The Wirral says, ‘Music stimulates the whole of a baby’s brain and most of their main neural pathways are made before they are eight months old.  Music is really important in this brain development.’

Babies are learning from their environment all the time, even when we don’t realise that they are doing so.  We know that singing to babies from an early age soothes and comforts them but what about about the other benefits that music can offer? Julia says, ‘Music helps with children’s language acquisition, mathematical ability, creativity, confidence and much more.’

So as a parent, we need to understand that an activity such as this, which appears to be passive is having a huge positive effect on babies.  My own experience of Rhythm time has been nothing but positive.  I took both of my younger children along to classes; my youngest from the time she was a tiny tot.  What impressed me greatly apart from the delivery of the classes was the organisation of them.  Teachers follow a ‘syllabus’ and as your child grows they are exposed to increasingly difficult concepts.  From the age of three my daughter recognised various musical symbols and was learning about rhythm and syllables.

Songs are repeated during the term and children begin to get to know them easily.  The accompanying CDs that are given to parents were also firm favourites during the pre-school years that we all enjoyed singing along to.  Songs on the CD tie in with the term’s work, which means that you can continue learning the songs when not in class.  ‘Pop them in the basket’  is a particular favourite of ours as is ‘I wiggle my fingers’.  But perhaps the best part of the class for my daughters was instrument time.  You might think that providing tiny children with cymbals, drums and various beaters would result in an almighty racket, but no, the children, even the youngest in the group,  make a valid effort to keep in time and join in.

Certainly for my daughters, Rhythm Time was one of their highlights of the week.   If you would like to try Rhythm Time, whether your child is a baby or any other age between 0-5, Julia offers a free trial session so that you can see how the classes work and what they can do for you and your child. Please contact her using the details below to book a trial session in your area.

Dr Julia Casperd  07789 867589.


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