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Independent Booksellers Week is Nearly Here.

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This year’s Independent Booksellers Week (IBW) takes place from 28th June-5th July – a true celebration of independent bookshops nationwide and the important part they play in their communities, plus their excellent personal service and in-depth knowledge on a whole range of genres.   IBW gives parents the perfect chance to help their children discover more about their local bookshop – there are some fantastic offers from publishers exclusively available for IBW in independent bookshops around the UK, as well as a whole range of events for children during the week – check out your local independent bookshop to see what they are planning!


Below are two events taking place at Booka Booskshop in Oswestry.  Please follow the links for more information.

Kipper’s Story Time

Australian Story Time,


Here are Booka Bookshop’s list of favourite children’s books.  Have you read any of them?  I love the sound of Chicken Clicking, it sounds perfect for my youngest daughter…

PICTURE BOOK – THE ODD ONE OUT, Britta Teckentrup, Big Picture Press, £10.99

This is a modern, unusual and wholly absorbing spot-the-difference book, with classy illustrations, which demands you seek out the hidden surprises lurking in the pictures.  A sophisticated rhyming text provides the clues. This fantastic title is best for parents and children to share and see who can spot the differences first.

AGE 3-5 – HOW TOM BEAT CAPTAIN NAJORK AND HIS HIRED SPORTSMAN, Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake, Walker Books, £12.00

I have been selling books for over 40 years and in that time I have seen many gems fall out of print, so I was delighted to see this book has been re-issued as a hardback.  Our here Tom loves to fool around; much to the consternation of Aunt who sends for Captain Najork to teach him a lesson. Various zany challenges ensue, from which Tom emerges triumphant and decides to change his lifestyle. It is nonsense which makes a lot of sense to fidgety five year olds.

5-8 YEAR OLDS – CHICKEN CLICKING, Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross, Anderson Press., £11.99

The concept of this cautionary tale against allowing very young children access to computers is topical and brilliantly executed.  In simple sentences a new born chick discovers how to operate a computer mouse and initially confines himself to acquiring presents for the farmer and the animals on the farm from Ebay.   She progresses to booking holidays, and finally decides to meet a friend she has met on line……. It does not end well.

8-11 YEAR OLDS – THE LITTLE WHITE HORSE, Elizabeth Goudge, Lion Children’s Books, £10.99

This Modern classic is perfect for children from 9 onwards with an interest in people. Goudge’s characters embody all aspects of human nature and give an insightful look at the impact of human actions on future generations.  This imaginative title offers pure escapism into a beautifully described world.  The current edition has the original illustrations from C. Walter Hodge (1946) and stunning endpapers decorated with plans and maps.

TEEN and YA – NEVERENDING, Martyn Bedford, Walker Books, £7.99

Shiv has reluctantly agreed to become a voluntary inmate of a controversial clinic that forces teenagers to recognize the consequences of their actions and help them to come to terms with the resulting guilt.  Like any enclosed community frictions abound but the plot races along, skilfully unfolding into a dramatic ending.  Martin Bedford’s previous book, Flip was greatly enjoyed and he has pulled off the difficult second novel with great success.


So why not pay a visit to your nearest independent bookseller and have a browse through the shelves?  You never know what you might find.


If you are an independent bookseller in Shropshire and have an event planned please get in contact at to list your event.  Or visit our website and list your event in our free listings section.  It only takes a moment.